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Trees are a beautiful added value to your property when they are well maintained, healthy, and strong. Davie Tree Services provides you with certified local arborist who will restore your trees to perfection and care for them with the quality and knowledge you expect. When it comes to tree removal in the Davie area, our experts have years of training and vast experience conducting successful tree removal and trimming services on a wide variety of trees in the region. 

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Tree Analysis
Davie Tree Services revitalizes your property by diagnosing and curing tree ailments through expert house calls. Preserve your trees' value and health with proactive care.
Tree Trimming
Elevate your property with serene trees and enhanced curb appeal. Learn the difference between pruning and trimming from certified arborists. Pruning for tree health; trimming for shrub aesthetics.
Tree Removal
Preserve aesthetics and property value through expert tree pruning. Our services ensure safety by removing hazardous branches, while evaluating diseases and removing dead trees. Trust us for beautiful blooms and healthy growth.
Tree Stump Removal
Choose Davie Tree Services for efficient tree solutions. From complete removal to stump grinding, our certified arborists guide your choices. Enhance your property's potential with our expert insights.
Bush Trimming
Revitalize your shrubs with Davie Tree Services. Our experts trim to maintain health, prevent overgrowth, and ward off disease. Restore your shrubs' beauty and vitality with our proven solutions.

Areas we service

We service Davie Florida, Hollywood Florida, Fort Lauderdale Florida and Plantation Florida

Expert Care Trust in Proven Methods for Lasting Tree Health

Don’t bother with do-it-yourself methods of treatment when you can trust and rely upon our expert services to provide scientific and well-proven methods of care. When we givetree analysis, we never misidentify tree varieties, which means you can feel confident that you’re receiving high quality care that will keep your trees living for generations to come.

Certified Local Arborists: Dedicated Care for Your Trees and Shrubs in Davie

We are certified local arborists with years of training, education, and a wide range of experience caring for trees in the city of Davie. Whether you have indigenous trees or imported, we can provide expert care and maintenance you can trust to protect the health and life of your trees and shrubs. Our professional care provides you with optimal results that are sustainable throughout the life of your trees and shrubs. When you need emergency tree services, we are also able to quickly respond. We are available for emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we understand that your property is a valuable investment that you want to protect. 

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