Safety First: Expert Tree Removal and Care by Davie Tree Services

Ensure Safety: Professional Tree Removal and Care with Davie Tree Services. Free Estimates Available.

Expert Tree Removal: Safety First with Davie Tree Services

Did you know that the tree removal industry is ranked one of the most dangerous professions? Some homeowners want to try to remove trees from their property themselves to save money. We highly recommend that you rely on a professional to complete these projects. Please leave tree removal to us at Davie Tree Services, our estimates are always free! We specialize in completing what is needed while keeping costs affordable. Our number one goal is to keep you and your property safe. Let one of our arborist inspect your tree to determine if it needs to be removed or just trimmed. We love trees and if a tree can be saved with just some tender love and care, we will advise you on how to manage that tree back to health. 

Palm Tree Removal

In South Florida and especially in Davie, Florida we have a lot of Palm Trees. There are over 2000 different species of palm trees. Knowing the type of palm that needs to be removed is very important. The size and the height of Palm trees can make them very hazardous to people who walk underneath them. A falling palm frond can seriously injure a person or property. If your palm tree is dead or in the rotting process, having Davie Tree services remove or trim your palm tree is the best decision you can make.

The Right Equipment For The Job

When you care about the health of your trees using a professional and skilled tree trimming service is a good strategy. But if they don’t have the right tools, you could be risking the health of your trees and endangering your property. Davie Tree Services uses state of the art equipment that is appropriate for the job at-hand. Our tree trimming specialists have a number of industry approved methods for trimming/ pruning, based on your tree's specific needs and access issues of your property. 

Professional Expertise

Any property owner can tell you that owning land with trees is a valuable asset. Your property is beautiful with their presence, but they do come with responsibility if they are to remain healthy. Ensuring that your trees have proper sunlight and moisture is one of these tasks, but there is a balance of them getting too much and not enough that must be maintained. Our tree specialists have years of experience providing accurate feedback on the many varieties of trees in the area and we will provide a wealth of insight to assist you. 

Why Hire Us

Davie Tree Services conducts both tree pruning and trimming and our experts have vast knowledge of these procedures and can provide feedback for the most suitable approach for your trees and shrubs. 

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