Vital Tree Care by Davie Tree Services

Davie Tree Services restores tree health with expert house calls, safeguarding property investment and well-being.

Preserve Property Value with Expert Tree Health Services - Davie Tree Services

Trees breathe life into your property, but when they’re sick you won’t always know it. Davie Tree Services can improve the health of your trees by making house calls to conduct tree analysis, resolving any problems dealing with growth issues and disease before they take the life of your trees. Most homeowners are not aware, but trees have a great investment value on your property due to numerous reasons. Some of these reasons include; creating curb appeal, saving on energy costs, providing oxygen and creating a safe haven for endangered animals. Call our specialist for assistance when your trees require routine assessment or if you think you see problems. We can save you time and money from treating a sick tree and restoring its health before it's too late. 

Professional Knowledge

Davie Tree Services has a team of experienced tree specialists who will come to your home and evaluate the health of your trees and assess the risk of them living on your property. Without professional help it is difficult to know if a tree is in danger of dying, which can eventually cause it to collapse. Our tree specialists have years of experience and training. We offer a scientific approach that you can rely upon to provide accurate information and diagnosis about your trees needs and current health. Our inspection will include testing the health of your trees with state of the art equipment that looks at trees on a microscopic level.

Early Prevention

When you hire a tree specialist you should expect that the service provides you with early detection of diseases, while also providing prevention methods and strategies that can save the life of your trees. We are certified arborists with extensive knowledge of  both tree species that are indigenous to the Florida area and imported trees. Do-it-yourself methods for analyzing trees are often inaccurate and can do further damage to already endangered trees and shrubs. 

Cost Effective

Tree analysis saves time and money by providing our clients with peace of mind that they have experts on-hand who will prevent tree damage and disease, expanding the life of your trees for generations. 

Why Hire Us

As certified arborists, we provide our clients with long-term routine care of their trees and shrubs. Tree analysis provides valuable information about the health of your trees so that you can make accurate decisions about their presence on your property. We all know that trees are an asset to our environment, but there are times they may endanger property and cause personal injury. Our main goal is to  help prevent these types of situations from happening. Davie Tree Services is a leading tree care service in the area you can rely on to provide accurate and honest information or what the best course of action is. 

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