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Revamp Your Property: Choose Davie Tree Services for Expert Stump Grinding and Complete Tree Removal Options

Expert Guidance on Stump Grinding and Complete Tree Removal with Davie Tree Services

When pursuing complete tree removal, weigh the choices of stump grinding or root removal. Davie Tree Services, a certified local arborist, excels at both. Stump grinding removes stumps without uprooting deep-rooted trees, while complete removal opens possibilities for property transformations. Our knowledgeable team guides your stump removal decision effectively.

Safety Prevention

Tree stumps and roots above ground can be a hazard when they are left behind after a tree is cut and removed. When people’s attention is divided or their visibility is affected, they could be in danger of tripping and falling over tree stumps on your property, which can leave you vulnerable to liability issues. If you have visitors or children walking or playing on your property this could be a problem you face often and tree grinding is a strategy to protect you from these issues. There are times when complete removal of tree roots is not affordable or practical and grinding the stump of the tree becomes the best method for getting rid of it.

Pest Infestation Prevention

The root system of a tree stump can continue to thrive long after the tree has been cut away from it. It typically takes approximately 3 to 10 years before a tree stump will decompose, depending on the health and species of the tree. The nutrients from these thriving root systems can attract and sustain pests and promote an infestation that can result in severe damage to your home. Insects like termites, beetles and carpenter ants are the most common infestations that can leave your property vulnerable to further damage when they arrive and set up nests. Oftentimes, property owners will not know the extent of the damage until it’s visible and beyond any do-it-yourself measures they may want to employ. 

Prevent New Growth

Because a tree root system can remain alive long after a tree has been cut, it will still grow. This is particularly true of some hardwood species that may survive and not decompose for up to 10 years. Tree stump removal and grinding are successful strategies in these examples. It’s very common to see new shoots from a tree stump even if the tree has been cut. If you want to completely remove evidence of a tree, grinding or root removal are options you should consider.

Why Hire Us

Davie Tree Services can provide a full inspection of your tree stump and suggest a number of strategies for stump removal. Our professional and experienced tree removal service has a variety of state of the art tools and equipment to provide you with rapid removal and our staff has years of experience to protect your home from any damage from stump removals. 

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