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Pruning trees around your property is essential to preserving the aesthetics of your property and keeping your property value intact. Tree maintenance is essential to prevent hazardous libs from falling and causing damage to buildings and our body harm.  While pruning your trees we can also evaluate any diseases that your trees may have or address any dead trees that need to be removed. Pruning a tree or shrub can be more effective during the right time of year and changes based on each species of tree or shrub. It is essential to have this service performed at the correct time of year in order to have your trees and shrubs bloom beautifully, produce flowers and guarantee they grow in a healthy manner. Deadwood studs

Tree removal

Tree removal is an essential part of the tree industry. In some cases trees need to be removed because they have died. In other cases we may remove a tree because it has become dangerous and unsafe. We have over 15 years of experience removing trees from hurricane and storm damage safely. We pride ourselves in our ability to remove trees and have continuing safety meetings to guarantee that tree removal happens safely. Unfortunately some trees may have to be removed because of their natural defects. A tree that has not grown in a healthy manner or a tree that is impoching on another tree may have to be removed for the better good of the tree's surroundings or because of a safety concern.We are available for emergency tree removal work 24/7. About 220 people die annually by not having the proper training or using the proper safety equipment. Please allow our professionals to remove your tree safely.

Stump removal

Stump removal is an added service that we provide after a tree has been removed. Stump removal is often referred to as stump grinding and this service can be added to almost all trees that we remove for an additional cost. Although a stump grinding optional and the stump will decay over time. People often trip over stumps and stumps are not aesthetically pleasing.

Commercial properties

Commercial properties have been working with us to help keep up the maintenance on their properties. We have experience working with Homeowners Associations condos and other commercial properties. At Davie Florida  Tree we provide services to keep trees away from buildings, roofs and outdoor light fixtures.


Cabaling can be the difference in a tree making it or breaking it. When a tree has a weak canopy structure a cable can be added to the limbs of the tree to help the tree thrive. Cabaling prevents a tree limb from growing in a direction that is not structurally healthy for the tree. Cabling a tree drastically reduces the risk of a tree branch falling during a storm.