Understanding Tree Trimming and Pruning Differences

Elevate property tranquility with healthy trees. Learn pruning vs. trimming distinctions for enhanced growth, stability, and aesthetics.

Unlocking Tree Beauty: The Art of Pruning and Trimming

Trees can create a calm tranquility on your property and increase your curb appeal when they are healthy and well maintained. Trimming a tree and pruning a tree are terms often used interchangeably by non-professionals, but there is a difference between the two terms for certified arborists. The term "Pruning trees" describes the maintenance needs of your tree, typically the need for getting rid of dead and broken limbs to improve their health, growth, and stability. On the other hand, trimming is mainly conducted for bush hedges and individual shrubs, typically to give them a specific shape. 

Timing is Everything

Healthy trees require maintenance, but timing is equally important because every tree has an optimal period in which certain services are needed.  If the health of your trees and their ability to withstand shock is important to you, our tree trimming services could be right for you. Trees blossom in a particular season and an experienced local arborist will know the precise time that happened and when certain services need to be completed. Over time, bad timing can stunt the growth of your trees and lead to premature death or leave them vulnerable to disease. 

The Right Equipment For The Job

When you care about the health of your trees using a professional and skilled tree trimming service is a good strategy. But if they don’t have the right tools, you could be risking the health of your trees and endangering your property. Davie Tree Services uses state of the art equipment that is appropriate for the job at-hand. Our tree trimming specialists have a number of industry approved methods for trimming/ pruning, based on your tree's specific needs and access issues of your property. 

Professional Expertise

Any property owner can tell you that owning land with trees is a valuable asset. Your property is beautiful with their presence, but they do come with responsibility if they are to remain healthy. Ensuring that your trees have proper sunlight and moisture is one of these tasks, but there is a balance of them getting too much and not enough that must be maintained. Our tree specialists have years of experience providing accurate feedback on the many varieties of trees in the area and we will provide a wealth of insight to assist you. 

Why Hire Us

Davie Tree Services conducts both tree pruning and trimming and our experts have vast knowledge of these procedures and can provide feedback for the most suitable approach for your trees and shrubs. 

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